2022 Summer Trip #1 – Teams

Summer Break #1 Immersion Trip
Saturday, June 11 – Saturday, June 18, 2022

All 2022 SAA Trips are solely sponsored by and overseen by Shirts Across America.

Team Rosters Announced at Final Trip Meeting


FINAL Mandatory Trip ZOOM Meeting
Monday, May 16, 2022 – 7 PM

Mandatory for ALL students, parents/guardians, and Adult Team Leads

Make-up SuperBuild Walk (If you missed the January Walk)
Walk will take place in New Orleans on your trip!
Please make sure you have met or surpassed your fundraising goal!

Final Team Rosters 

SAA Team 1 – (SBP)

Core Team Lead:
Sophia Poeschla

Marin Aguila
Georgia Backschies
Caroline Becker
Abigail Harding
Nolan Heise
Brennan Meighan
Cameron Moskovitz
John Rudd

Adult Team Lead: Lisa Dyson Meighan

Waivers and Information – Team 1

SAA Team 3 – (Habitat)

Core Team Lead:
Madeline Ewing

Audrey Cardwell
Edward Droppelman
Audrey Hamblett
Jane Hunt
Luke Jovanovich
Luciana Millan

Adult Team Lead: Andrew Ewing

Waivers and Information – Team 3

SAA Team 5 – (Habitat)

Core Team Lead:
Sara Johnson

Margaret Bian
Aiyun Chee
Sadie Graves
Jack Hatlen
Samuel Merriman
Lucy Novak
Lucia Zinsmeyer

Adult Team Lead: Tiffany Merriman

Waivers and Information – Team 5

SAA Team 2 – (SBP)

Core Team Lead:
Dela Pelfrey

Keenan Beers
Maggie Bratrud
Joseph Kane
Imani Maher
Beck Mueller
Portia Zeisner


Adult Team Lead: Ryan Chee

Waivers and Information – Team 2

SAA Team 4 – (Habitat)

Core Team Lead:
Brooke Clark

Chloe Budge
Nnenna Echeruo
Phoebe Feltz
Ekaterina Kontos-Cohen
Saul Kontos-Cohen
Olivia Singh

Adult Team Lead: Katie Fujiwara

Waivers and Information – Team 4