Images & Video

While on the trips, we do our best to upload pictures of the day’s activities so that family and friends at home can keep up with what our volunteers are up to. Like our Facebook Page to see updates with our photos!

In addition to our trips we also do various events throughout the year. This can be anything from attending a Mariners game and throwing out the first pitch to Toast 4 NOLA, a fundraising gala that is open to the public. You can view pictures and videos from these other events by clicking on the banner below:

Shirts Across America Events

You can also check out our Flickr to see the rest of our photos!

Shirts Across America Flickr

To get a better idea of what our trips to New Orleans are like, check out Dancing with Hope! This documentary was made over the course of one of our 2016 trips and shows the students’ experiences as they build homes in NOLA.

Dancing with Hope