Dancing with Hope

Dancing with Hope
Dancing with Hope is a documentary made over the course of a Shirts Across America trip in 2016. It highlights the students’ experience as they build homes in New Orleans and shares the story of some of NOLA’s residents.

One such story is that of Edward Lee, Sr. Mr. Lee is a New Orleans native who, after serving in the Navy, built his own house from the ground up. That same house was destroyed when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. The students working on Mr. Lee’s home were fortunate to meet him and connect with his experiences.

However the trips to New Orleans have come to be about more than just building houses. The students do more than help the community. They connect with the community. They engage with the history. By attending mass at the St Peter Claver Catholic Church and going to the Whitney Plantation the students experience how the community is today while learning about its roots.

Awards and Recognition
Dancing with Hope has been featured in numerous festivals and recognized at film contests such as the Los Angeles Festigious International Film Competition, where it won the festival’s most prestigious award, Film of the Month. It was nominated for Best Documentary at the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards, and won an award of recognition at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards.

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Dancing with Hope

Dancing with Hope from Andrew Elizaga on Vimeo.