Leadership Workshops

SAA’s Leadership Workshops Prepare Students for Trips, College, and Beyond

SAA has expanded our programs to include a series of virtual Leadership Workshops.  Our program has received national attention over the years for its inspiring hands-on experiences. We are continuing to build upon our success through this impactful Workshop Series.  Our unique methodology brings history to life while Global Leaders visit SAA’s virtual classroom.  These workshops will positively impact high school students while enhancing their knowledge and adding value to their resumes for Colleges/Universities and the workforce.

History Brought to Life

What makes SAA’s leadership workshops unique? We have top global experts involved as we tackle the important subjects of Human Rights, Civil Rights, Diversity, and the Justice System. Second, SAA is unique in how we bring history to life as our students learn directly from people who have lived through historical moments that have helped define our globe. The students may hear from a Holocaust survivor, a member of the Civil Rights Movement, a Rwandan Genocide survivor, etc.

Here’s a chance to meet ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things.  Our series of workshops are empowering and challenging.  Sign up Today!

Human Rights and Civil Rights – 1960s Movement Workshop

Each SAA Leadership Workshop includes 3 Sessions

Introduction to the Human Rights & Civil Rights – 1960’s Movement Workshop

Session 1
Saturday, March 18, 2023 – 10am-12noon
Introduction to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement &
Key women Leaders in the Civil Rights Movement!

Guest Speaker – Tafeni English
Tafeni works with civil rights members from the Little Rock Nine, Freedom Rides, Luncheon Counter Sit-ins and other historical leaders. She will share about Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, Virginia Durr, Rosa Parks and others.

Mrs. English was close to Congressman John Lewis and is instrumental in honoring the March from Selma to Montgomery. She is currently the Director of the Civil Rights Memorial Center and Southern Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama. Her unparalleled knowledge will resonate with all of us at this special time in history.

(Little Rock Nine- Dr. Terrence Roberts pictured above)

Session 2
Saturday, March 25, 2023 – 10am-12noon
The Freedom Rides Come to Life

Guest Presenter – Jim Zwerg
Jim’s heroic story of walking with his brothers and sisters of color during the Freedom Rides will be a close-up and honest view of a brutal time in our history. He was partnered with John Lewis and together they were targeted when the Freedom Rides bus arrived in Montgomery, AL. They were badly beaten.

We’ll examine the idea behind the Freedom Rides and the challenges the college students faced as they made their way from the east coast to New Orleans in May of 1961.

(John Lewis & Jim Zwerg pictured above)

Session 3
Saturday, April 1, 2023 – 10am-12noon
What was SNCC (Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee), SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference, CORE (Congress of Racial Equality)?

Guest Speakers – Bob Zellner and Pamela Smith*

A member of SNCC (Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee) who worked with several grassroots organizing groups in the 1960s.

Bob worked directly with Rosa Parks, Jim Forman, Ella Baker, Dr. King, Julian Bond, Fannie Lou Hamer and other civil rights leaders. Pamela will help Bob unpack the vital role these different groups played in the movement.

(Ella Baker pictured above)
Ella Baker played a key role in some of the most influential organizations
of the 1960s Civil Rights movement, including the NAACP,
Dr. King’s – Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and
the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

Bob was the Grandson of a KKK Member.
Spike Lee produced the Film – Son of the South,
which is based on Bob’s life.

 *Guest Speakers may change prior to Workshop.

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Human Rights and Civil Rights – Global Leaders Workshop
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