Core Team

SAA’s Core Team: Encouraging Thoughtful Leadership 

What is the Core Team Leadership Program?

Shirts Across America’s Core Team Leadership Program is a year-long program intended to provide students with the leadership skills, tools, and resources necessary to actively participate in today’s world as engaged, thoughtful, and global citizens. Shirts Across America began with high school students and we believe in inspiring young adults so that they will never feel like they are too young to make a difference.

What is the curriculum like?

Depending on the year, students in the program will critically examine different global, national, or local leaders as well as assess the ongoing recovery in New Orleans from a social justice perspective. Current and historical events are examined alongside the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Additionally, students are challenged to apply learned leadership skills to both their local communities and nationally.

Over the course of the year leading up to their trip to New Orleans, Core Team leaders will attend workshops, complete projects, hear from guest speakers, engage their campus community, and help prepare fellow student volunteers for the immersion experience. On the trip, Core Team leaders are responsible for motivating and challenging their peers during various activities during the week as well as assisting their Adult Team Lead in trip responsibilities.

What are the benefits of being on the Core Team?

Students who participate in the Core Team Leadership Program have the unique opportunity to work alongside students from other SAA partner schools, developing and refining their leadership skills and putting those skills into practice. They will also attend workshops with leaders like Renee Firestone (a 98-year-old Holocaust survivor and avid speaker), Carine Rusesabagina Kanimba (a Rwandan genocide survivor whose father inspired the movie Hotel Rwanda), Bob Zellner (worked with Dr. King, Rosa Parks, John Lewis as a member of SNCC), and Delena Coby (former EVP of Human Resources at Nordstrom), just to name a few.

Students who complete the Titans Core Team Leadership Program not only gain long-lasting life skills, they are often given a high priority during the college admissions process.

Who can apply to be on Core Team?

Any student who attends one of our partner schools and has been on a Shirts Across America trip to New Orleans as a volunteer can apply to be on Core Team. During the trip, SAA staff will introduce the opportunity to apply for the Core Team to all student volunteers.

If you have any questions about the Core Team Leadership Program, please contact Shirts Across America Staff at [email protected]. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.