2022 Pre-Trip Mandatory COVID Test Instructions
Summer Trip #1

ALL Student and Adult Volunteers
Submit COVID Test Results – on Friday, June 10th by 8PM


Protocols and Procedures

  1. On Friday, June 10th- Each student and adult volunteer must submit a COVID Rapid test result the Day before Departure.
  2. Have two (2) Rapid tests available at home, in case you cannot read the result of the 1st test you take.
  3. Please follow the photos below showing how to submit your test results.
    A. Take a photo of the volunteer holding up the result in front of their face. (gotta love selfies!)
    B. Take a photo of your results up close. (results must be clear)
  4. You will submit results as illustrated in the photos below.  Text the photos/results to (206) 604-4522 OR email to [email protected] by 8PM on Friday, June 10th.
  5. If SAA does not receive your negative test results on Friday, you will Not be on the “Fly list” SAA sends to Alaska for your flight.
    CDC Guidelines – https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/quarantine-isolation.html#quarantine