2022 Summer Trip #2 – Teams

Summer Break #2 Immersion Trip
Saturday, June 25 – Saturday, July 2, 2022

All 2022 SAA Trips are solely sponsored by and overseen by Shirts Across America.

Team Rosters Announced at Final Trip Meeting


FINAL Mandatory Trip ZOOM Meeting
Tuesday, May 17, 2022 – 7 PM

Mandatory for ALL students, parents/guardians, and Adult Team Leads

Make-up SuperBuild Walk (If you missed the January Walk)
Walk will take place in New Orleans on your trip!
Please make sure you have met or surpassed your fundraising goal!

Team Rosters 

SAA Team 1 – (YRNO)

Core Team Leads:
Zoe Luce and Michael Reller

Makenna Bylund
Jackson Downs
Evelyn Maher
Sarah Nahmias
Alec Peyton
Kira Smith

Adult Team Lead: Tracey Ferriss

Waivers and Information – Team 1

SAA Team 3 – (Habitat)

Core Team Lead:
Ainsley Rudd

Steven Gese
Katie Hawkes
Natalie Plenge
Paul Rohde
Jack Skinner
Keighly Vogel

Adult Team Lead: Renee Hawkes

Waivers and Information – Team 3

SAA Team 5 – (Habitat)

Core Team Leads:
Audra Hanlon and Abby Wilwerding

Elle Hayes
Joe Keaton
Henry Lewison
JJ Pendergast
Isabella Poeschla
Drew Rensch
Brooke Wilwerding

Adult Team Lead: Kea Rensch

Waivers and Information – Team 5

SAA Team 2 – (YRNO)

Core Team Leads:
Ella Henschell and Will Peyton

Dylan Damstrom
Marley Downs
Kellie Hawkes
Sarah Lenderman
Emma Plenge
Corin Powell
William Singleton

Adult Team Lead: Sandi Plenge

Waivers and Information – Team 2

SAA Team 4 – (Habitat)

Core Team Leads:
Alicia Siebers and Simon Trobman

Macy Elwell
Mary Fisher
Riley Floyd
Guy Gese
Ella Golik
Fiona Kannier
Ava Krueger

Adult Team Lead: Nancy Gese

Waivers and Information – Team 4

Trip Payments

Payment deadline
Final Trip Payment of $900.00 (non-refundable):
Summer Break Trip – Due Friday, February 18, 2022

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