Core Team Leaders
Join Together
@ The Paramount Theatre

2022 SAA Titans Core Team
Kickoffs the Year


Paramount Theatre – Seattle, WA
Core Team members from throughout the Puget Sound region gathered at the Paramount to dive into this year’s curriculum for SAA’s Leadership Retreat.  This incredible group of thoughtful leaders are tackling this year with determination as we begin to plan our 2022 Student Immersion Trips.

2021- 22 SAA Titans Core Team!

Addie B
Addy B
Brooke C
Ella C
Maddy E
Audra H
Joan H
Ella H
Tanner J
Sara J
Maija K
Keira L
Zoe L
Nina M
Elyse M

Zoe M
Bea O
Dela P
Will P
Sophia P
Michael R
Britta R
Nick R
Ainsley R
Alicia S
Shelby T
Simon T
Abby W
Rasa Y


“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome this year’s Leadership Team to the SAA family and the historic Paramount Theatre.  Each of these students have traveled with SAA to New Orleans to learn and impact others,” stated Exec. Director – Randy Novak.  “These amazing leaders remind us what is possible when they look at things from multiple perspectives and thoughtfully move us forward to create a more unified world.  SAA is proud to have this team in place and we look forward to building in NOLA throughout 2022!”

*Students can apply for the SAA Core Team after traveling with SAA on an New Orleans Immersion Trip.  For information on our 2022 Trip Schedule – click here.