Join the Relay to New Orleans!

Shirts Across America (SAA) has been building homes in New Orleans for over a decade. Due to the Pandemic, we can’t travel to NOLA in February and help deserving families get back into their homes.

We also realize our friends in New Orleans can’t celebrate Mardi Gras in the same fashion they have since the 1830’s.

So, in the true spirit of creativity and perseverance, SAA has created a virtual Relay to New Orleans. That’s right, we need 2,500 people to walk, jog, or run One Mile to help us reach our destination. Please join us on this great journey by registering for the relay.

Our Relay officially takes place on Saturday, March 27 from 9am-12noon Pacific Time. (If you cannot walk on the 27th, we ask that you complete your one mile anytime between March 1st – March 27th.)

Click here for all the Details – Relay to New Orleans


NEW Leadership Workshops

SAA’s Leadership Workshops Groom Students for Trips, College and Beyond

Due to the Pandemic, SAA expanded our programs to include a series of Virtual Leadership Workshops.  SAA has received national attention over the years for its inspiring hands-on experiences. We are continuing to build upon our success through this impactful Workshop Series.  Our unique methodology brings history to life while Global Leaders visit SAA’s virtual classroom.  These workshops will positively impact high school students while enhancing their knowledge and adding value to their resume for colleges/universities.

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VOTE 2020


A glance back…..Shirts Across America volunteers were recruited by King County to act as Official Poll Judges for the 2008 Election.  This was the last election in King County where citizens actually waited in-line and voted in person.  When King County contacted us, they informed SAA that anyone 16 years of age or older were able to act in an official capacity as poll judges.

We had over 150 high school students and adults who represented SAA while providing a valuable service to our community.  Fast forward to 2020!  Shirts Across America is grateful to have connected with Lucas Till (MacGyver on CBS-TV) as the election neared.  He will be presenting at an upcoming Core Team Leadership meeting and created an important for us about the importance of next week’s elections.

Watch Lucas’ message to us NOW!

SAA Celebrates our
Core Team Seniors

SAA visits Studio BE on many of our trips to New Orleans.  We are grateful for the impact BMike and the Studio BE Team have on our volunteers.  Their dedication to bring Art to Life while creating thoughtful dialogue is a gift to us.  Follow BMike and Studio BE all year long:
Above Photo is Courtesy of Studio BE – New Orleans

Shirts Across America is proud to honor the Class of 2020!  This year we have seniors graduating from these partners.  Learn a little bit about each one of these great leaders.  Congratulations everyone!!!

Bellarmine Preparatory School
Jeremy Gries-  click here
Loraine Ignao-  click here
Angeles Isidor Mendoza-  click here
Aysan Razmjouy-  click here

Holy Names Academy
Marjette Green-  click here

National League of Young Men
Jake Pogue-  click here

O’Dea High School
Will Gardner-  click here
Logan Read-  click here

Olympia High School
Megan Jackson-  click here
Shay McDermott-  click here
Abby Owens-  click here
Gracie Palmer-  click here

Roosevelt High School
Sara Bonipart-  click here
Kate Grey-  click here

Seattle Preparatory School
Lauren Day-  click here
Imogene Eagan-  click here
Ellen Porter-  click here
Janet Russin-  click here
Maya Warnock-  click here

Sumner High School
Lexie Coons-  click here
Sophia Wasson-  click here
Sydney Ziegler-  click here