Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us as a student! Student volunteers are the driving force behind what we do, with their passion to serve constantly inspiring those around them.


Team Work: On the trips students work with peers from all grades, genders, and social groups, giving them a unique opportunity to learn how to collaborate with different work styles. This experience brings the students together as they come together for a greater purpose.

Diverse Culture: Students are exposed to economic, racial, and class disparity as well as differing cultures. Many students appreciate the eye opening opportunity and grow tremendously from the experience.

New Skills: While in New Orleans participants are given the opportunity to learn many different construction skills such as flooring, painting, dry walling, and more. Leading up to the trips, students will learn how to effectively fundraise and educate about the persisting problems in New Orleans. The progress made using these newfound skills empowers the students and inspires them to become more engaged in service within their community.

Local Engagement: Many students come back from the trip inspired to affect their local communities in a positive way. Through the skills they learned from SAA, our hope is that participants can be even more impactful with their efforts.

Core Team

The Core Team Program is a 9-month leadership development program for students who have been on our trips before and would to take on a more active role. The program culminates with an opportunity for real-life application of their new skills as they head a team in New Orleans. For the trip, each Core Team Lead will be assigned a team of peers to lead, inspire, and encourage throughout the week. If you are interested in our Core Team Program, click here for more information.