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Ever wonder what Dr. King, Rosa Parks, John Lewis, and other 1960’s Civil Rights leaders might say if you met them today?  What question would you ask them?

SAA has created a once in lifetime event for our volunteer families and friends! You will meet Bob Zellner who worked with and was trained by Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Fannie Lou Hamer. We are the last generation that can learn directly from the people who were on the front lines of this important moment in time.

SAA Honors Civil Rights Leader
Bob Zellner
Saturday, February 4th – 5pm
The Moore Theatre

Not only will you have a chance to hear from Bob – you’ll be the ONLY people in America to learn from Bob, Actor- Lucas Till, and Film Director – Barry Alexander Brown at the same time.  That’s right, this is the only time all three of these people have been together since the film, Son of the South was released. No other audience has seen them together LIVE and in person.

This is an important part of our New Orleans Trip Curriculum and ALL Volunteers are expected to attend this amazing event. But that’s not All! SAA is inviting our entire family and friends to attend this unique event.

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