SAA Leadership Workshops Continue Saturday @ 10AM!

SAA Leadership Workshops
Continue Saturday 10AM!


October 28, 2022
CT Leaders come together!

This Human Rights and Civil Rights – 1960’s Movement Workshop highlights those who stood up for others.  SAA’s curriculum links our past to the present to move us forward over the next 2 weeks!  In addition, we will introduce you to tools that may help you navigate important conversations – when the topics are especially challenging.

Most importantly, we’ll ask what role women played in the movement.  Who were the key figures during the 1960s? We will learn directly from Bob Zellner about the women he worked with and the special stories that haven’t been told.

Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc are the focus of our time together.  We’ll get the inside scoop and hear stories that are not public.

Next Steps- Be Prepared for Saturday
Meeting INFO
Saturday, October 29th – 10am – 12noon
Please bring your Core Team Binder
ZOOM Meeting Link: Please click here to enter the meeting
Meeting ID: 833 4535 2732
Passcode: 174754
Please do Not share this link with anyone; it is only for registered Workshop Participants.

Session 3- Final Session
Saturday, November 5, 2022
10am – 12noon

See you later today!

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