Congressman John Robert Lewis

John Lewis speaks at the Lincoln Memorial
March on Washington – August 28, 1963.
Danny Lyon, Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement pg. 82


Congressman John Robert Lewis was instrumental in the civil rights movement.  He continues to be an advocate for all people and is one the most well respected members of Congress. 


  • Shirts Across America’s Core Team was given a special opportunity to write a “thank you” notecard to Congressman Lewis back in May! 
  • Now we offer all of our SAA families an opportunity to write a note, draw a picture, or create a poem in memoriam of Mr. Lewis that will be delivered to his family. 
  • John Lewis was one of kind who truly gave his life for all of us.  Grab this opportunity to honor this civil rights icon.

    Here’s the Plan:
    – Create your card/note and mail it to SAA. 
    – SAA will forward all notes/cards on Friday, August 7th
    – Please mail your notes/cards to SAA by Monday, August 3rd.
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Congressman John Lewis  –  Arrested over 45 times
Lewis – Physically assaulted numerous times – twice he was beaten unconscious.
– On Sunday, March 7, 1965, in Selma, over 600 marchers lined up behind John Lewis and others to march to the state capitol in Montgomery, AL.  The photo below captured Lewis being beaten by a police officer.
– May 20 1961, John was a member of the Freedom Riders and was beaten as he walked off a Greyhound Bus.  He and Jim Zwerg were beaten over the head and barely escaped death.

Alabama state troopers beat SNCC’s John Lewis on Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1965, Library of Congress photo

Please watch the SHORT video below as “CBS This Morning” takes you back in time to see what Congressman Lewis has endured.  After watching this video, grab a pen and handwrite a note to John.  We are very fortunate to know that our notes will be given directly to this special man.

Thank you, Congressman John Robert Lewis.  Your SAA family will continue to strive for equality in all that we do.