2022 Pre-Trip Mandatory COVID Test Distribution

Important Action Needed
Pick up COVID test Kits on FRIDAY (tomorrow)!

ALL Spring Break Student Volunteers will meet with SAA Staff
Immediately after school 2:15PM – 3:15PM
This is the ONLY time we will distribute the Kits

Volunteer Park/Seattle Asian Art Museum
Meet Across from Museum Entrance
Near the big “Donut”
1400 E Prospect St
Seattle, WA 98112

If you have a question, contact (206) 696-8707

Protocols and Procedures

  1. SAA will provide each participant a COVID Rapid test to be taken the Day before our trip Departure.
  2. SAA will distribute the COVID Rapid Test the week before departure. (See Above for the Location and Time)
  3. We recommend that you have a back-up Rapid test available in case you cannot read the result. Please secure a 2nd test from your local pharmacy or doctor, just in case you need to take a 2nd test on Friday, April 15th.
  4. On Friday, April 15th – each student and adult volunteer must take the COVID Rapid test.