2021 New Orleans Summer Trip #2

Our partners in New Orleans are requiring
all SAA volunteers to be vaccinated.

Team Rosters are subject to Change

Mandatory Final Trip Meeting

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 – 8:00PM
ALL students, parents/guardians, and Adult Team Leads
Below find the team your student is on.  Under their name, you will see ALL the waivers to be completed for their trip.

Please print out all forms and submit them prior to your Final Trip Meeting.
We ask you to Scan OR take photos of all completed forms and submit to [email protected].

If you have questions, please call Tia Young (206) 696-8707. 



SAA Team 1 – (Habitat)

Core Team Lead: Lexi Rice
Destiny Ainuu
Yemi Tchala
Jacob Wald
Hailey Witte

Adult Team Lead: Craig Rice

SAA Team 4 – (SBP)

Core Team Lead: Lydia Inserra
Sophia Hafner
Ava Pakzad
Olivia Singh
Abby Weller
Core Team Media: Maya Istafanous
Adult Team Lead: Helen O’Toole

SAA Team 2 – (Habitat)

Core Team Lead: Parker Estrella-Geraghty
Henry Bender
Lily Brecht
Brody Johnson
Bea Obaob
Core Team Media: Lily Novak
Adult Team Lead: Tom Johnson

SAA Team 5 – (SBP)

Core Team Lead: Nick Kalberer
Marco Aaronson
Josie Hoare
Annie Stewart
Shelby Thompson

Adult Team Lead: Tom Hoare

SAA Team 3 – (Habitat)

Core Team Lead: Kabe Kirk
John Bethke
Garrett Estep
Ella Henschell
Jack Seley
Simon Trobman
Adult Team Roamer: Kathy Seley
Adult Team Lead: Kathy Bethke