Core Team

Shirts Across America began with students, and we believe in empowering young people so that they will never feel like they are too young to make a difference. The Core Team Program challenges each participant to grow and learn in leadership so they can be the best leaders possible. Over the course of 9 months leading up to the trip to New Orleans, Core Team Leaders will attend workshops, complete projects, build their teams by recruiting students, and gain new leadership skills that they get to apply in real life.

What are the benefits to being on Core Team?

Students who participate in the Titans Core Team Leadership Program get the unique opportunity to work with students from other schools and hone their leadership skills. They will attend workshops with global leaders like Renee Firestone and Pastor Pat Wright. Students who complete the Titans Leadership Program will gain long-lasting skills. Alumni of our program have said that they still use the skills they learned from Shirts Across America as they continue in life, go to college, and establish their careers.

Who can apply to be on Core Team?

Any student who attends one of our partner schools and has been on a Shirts Across America trip as a trip participant can apply to be on Core Team.

When are applications for Core Team due?

Core Team Applications are due one week after participants return from their trip to New Orleans. Shirts Across America staff will send out the link for an online application to all participants so that any who are interested may apply.

If you have any questions about the Titans Core Team Leadership Program, please contact Shirts Across America Staff at