Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Shirts Across America!
As an Adult Volunteer, you will help bring families back home
in New Orleans, Louisiana!

Let’s be honest – our trips wouldn’t be as successful without our adult volunteers. The positive energy, knowledge, and guidance you bring to our student volunteers and our program is crucial. We would not be able to accomplish what we do without the dedicated adult volunteers we have been fortunate enough to work with over the past ten years. So, thank you!

We encourage adults of all backgrounds and experience levels to join us on our trips. Never touched a power tool? No problem, you’ll learn how! Seasoned contractor? Great, we’d love to have your expertise! Never been to New Orleans? We can’t wait until you experience it! No matter where you’re coming from or what you do, helping rebuild homes in New Orleans is rewarding, fun, and memorable.

Ready to apply for our 2020 trips? Please do!
We will begin to accept applications soon!