Who’s Involved

Randy Novak

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Randy and his friend, Patrinell Wright, challenged high school students to create a better tomorrow and Shirts Across America was born. Novak used his media experience and the King Classic, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to help the people of the Gulf Coast. Randy has given his hands-on support guiding this organization from its inception. He has worked with over 3,000 high school students and volunteers over the last ten years in Mississippi and New Orleans. People have described Randy as a community leader and a doer of extraordinary things, which he shrugs off and states, “I’m just an ordinary guy”.

Hannah Stewart

Senior Program Manager

Hannah is a Seattle native making a triumphant return after finishing her BS in Public Policy and Administration at James Madison University (go Dukes!). She participated in Shirts Across America trips for four years and wants to reconnect with the work she did while in high school. Hannah enjoys hiking, going to concerts, people watching, and spending time with her best friend, Betty the English Bulldog. Special skills include determining doggy doppelgangers, eating cheese, and claiming to be good at Jeopardy.

Kenya Chauche

Special Projects

Kenya comes from a background in working with students and community development and is excited about continuing to work with young leaders as they impact those around them. She came to Seattle in 2013 after being born and raised in San Diego, California and has come to enjoy the Seattle rains after being in San Diego’s sun. Her passions include puns, music, kayaking, swing dancing, boardgames, reading fantasy novels, and petting any dog in sight.