Volunteer with SAA!

2014 New Orleans
Volunteer Trips

Coming up Tuesday, October 8th – Shirts Across America launches the 2013-14 school campaign, “Be 4 NOLA”.

If you are a high school student and wish to volunteer in New Orleans over Spring Break or Mid Winter Break, this is your opportunity to learn about our upcoming trips to the Gulf Coast.

Shirts Across America has sent over 1,200 volunteers to NOLA and Missisippi over the last 5+ years and we will be sending another 300 volunteers again this year.

We had nearly 100 applicants on our wait list last year in November, but SAA worked hard throughout the year to get as many student wait list applicants on one of our trips. We were very successful, as over 50% of these applicants joined us in NOLA last year.

Join us for our Mandatory Kick Off Meeting for students and a parent at the Seattle Preparatory Theater on Tuesday, October 8th at 7pm as Shirts Across America welcomes our special guest speaker, Tresor Rusesabagina.

Tresor is a survivor of the Rwanda genocide and his father Paul Rusesabagina was portrayed by Don Cheadle in the movie Hotel Rwanda. This will not only be an informative night about New Orleans but a night to learn how any one person can make a difference.

Be 4 NOLA and help another family move home.

Be 4 NOLA Event
Seattle Preparatory’s School Theater
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 – 7PM
2400 11th Ave East
Seattle, WA 98102
Directions to Theater

For more information, please contact Elise Van Vuren at EliseV@shirtsacrossamerica.org.