SAA’s response to Hurricane Harvey

Thank you to all those who have inquired about SAA’s role in providing assistance to people who have been negatively affected by Hurricane Harvey and the continued rain and flooding, and how you can help.

Shirts Across America’s mission is to provide high school and college students an opportunity to become leaders by volunteering to build homes in poverty stricken communities affected by natural disasters. In keeping with our mission, we feel it is important to monitor the recovery efforts that are currently underway in the SE Texas region before making a decision about how SAA will respond in the long term. We are in contact with our building partners in the region and will work with them to develop a deployment strategy that will help move home as many of the tens of thousands of displaced people as we can.

In the interim, SAA is exploring ideas for fundraising in order to support the people who are being affected by Hurricane Harvey now. History has shown us with Hurricane Katrina that rebuilding after the initial clean up process takes several years, and presents many obstacles such as lack of available accommodations for those who have been displaced, lack of financial resources to rebuild, and contractor fraud. Organizations are sending resources to the area now, so that those looking to rebuild and return home can be helped through the process and have their burdens lessened. To support these efforts, SAA will be working with local partners to develop fundraising activities in the near future to raise funds that will go directly to the relief effort in and around Houston. We are going to be strategic and thoughtful to make sure your donations are utilized the best way possible – don’t worry we will contact you when our plan is in place!

For those desiring to offer more immediate assistance, SAA is providing links to two of our building partners in the Gulf Coast region who are requesting immediate assistance. We are also providing a link to the American Red Cross as they are reaching out to those willing and able to give blood to replenish a depleted reserve. SAA encourages those who can to support these organizations as we prepare for what is certain to be a long recovery period.

Immediate Needs
Blood Donations and Temporary Housing
a. Blood Donations – American Red Cross Click Here to Donate Blood
b. Immediate Housing Donations – American Red Cross Click here to Donate for Shelters

Volunteers Needed
Gutting and Rebuilding
a. Volunteers – SBP USA  Click here to Volunteer
b. Rebuild Donations -SBP USA Click here to Donate to build a Home

Long Term Home Building
Rebuilding Neighborhoods
a. Volunteers – Habitat For Humanity – Click here to Volunteer
b. Building Donations – Habitat For Humanity – Click here for Building Neighborhoods Donation