2020 Trip Update


Hi everyone!  We’d like to thank you for your positive messages and energy during this incredibly unique time.  Daily, we are reminded of the extraordinary challenges each of us is facing at home, at work and beyond.  Please check back each Tuesday for any new information that we may be providing. 

As you know, our world has hit pause!  This video update is being shared on Monday, April 13th with all Volunteer Families.  We recently spoke with each of our Core Team families about our upcoming trips and we are now excited to connect with each of one of our volunteer families.

Please watch the video below and sign up for a call with SAA when you receive our text message with a special link.  We are reaching out to our Spring Break families first and then our June participants.

Thanks for being 4 NOLA!

Spring Break Trip
SAA has met with over 100 Spring Break families over the past month. We will be continue to keep you updated on our trip schedule as it become available.  If you are one of a handful of families we have not met with over ZOOM, please schedule a meeting by clicking on the Calendar below.

June Trips
All Summer Break families have been sent a text to sign up for a ZOOM call with SAA. We look forward to speaking with you as we outline our plans and strategies moving forward.  If you haven’t made an appointment, please click below to schedule a time to meet with SAA. 

Schedule a ZOOM Call with SAA-  click here